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Welcome to Sailin Childcare Agency! We are Camila and Sabrina, two women passionate about childhood, motherhood, service and dedication.

From our empathic friendship and after having overcome a puerperium, in Sabrina's case, and more than 10 years of experience taking care of children and assisting families, in Camila's case, we have decided to carry out this project in Mallorca that both of us, from our own experience, noticed that it was so much needed.

With a lot of love, decision and enthusiasm, we have founded Sailin Childcare Agency, an online agency with three branches of service: Matching families with nannies and au pairs, and babysitters for punctual hours.

We select fully competent, flexible, empathetic, loving and loving caregivers, among other great values to take into account for us, and that thanks to our detailed search and selection we can guarantee.

Also from our agency we offer two types of training to all our nannies:

-Training in conscious accompaniment: oriented in respectful upbringing to enhance the knowledge of the nannies, following this pedagogical line crucial for us.

-Training oriented in languages (English and Spanish): the nannies will learn to teach these languages to the children, through multiple didactic sources, and thus add more resources at the time of the action with the children.

We invite you to get to know us and to contact us to know more about our project and our services.

Our Purspose

Our main purpose is to support families in the upbringing of their children. We want to make it easier for families to meet a person who can guide their children in the same way their parents guide them (a guide based on respect and love). We want to facilitate the path, often uphill, that families have to make to meet this caregiver who will be an essential part of their lives and fundamentally of their children's education.
In this way, we want to help by providing families with options to find the one that best suits their needs, and thus contribute to this coexistence for the good of the children.

On the other hand, and no less important, we want to achieve that the profession of the nanny is forged from a more conscious and more integrative view of childhood, placing it as the biggest and most important pillar of this relational chain. How would we achieve that? By selecting qualified, experienced and trained women in respectful parenting, instilling from Sailin the importance for us to care for and preserve childhood, educating from human values and respect for the little ones, giving place to the importance of all kinds of emotional situations, development times, games, feeding and sleeping routines in children's lives, and also giving the role of caregiver the importance it deserves.

Our Vision

It is that there are more and more families, nannies, au pairs, caregivers, aware of the importance of educating and raising children from respect, from awareness, understanding that love is not enough to raise and that it is also necessary to train, study and understand how the brain of a child works and how important are the experiences that this will have in each of its stages of development for the rest of his life. From Sailin we wish to extend this concept on the island of Mallorca so that many families, nannies and au pairs can benefit from our services by taking these concepts to their homes and thus found a better future in which human values, cooperation, love, respect, creativity, trust and teamwork prevail.


I am Camila Dueñas, Doula and Lactation Consultant, also trained as an Early Childhood Educator with orientation in conscious and respectful parenting ...

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I am Sabrina Carril, and since I became a mother, I have intensely deepened in the knowledge and practice of conscious parentin

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